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Millie's Favorite Things! | Product Reviews & Exclusive Coupon Codes







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            These mobiles are incredibly adorable & well made. I love how light they are and pretty the movement is.
2.  Gingiber || Safari Prints || 10% off – SAVE10
            I've been in love with these prints since the first time I saw them – I'm also a sucker for great paper.
3.  Bubkess || Gold Foil Prints 
            If you know me at all, you know that I am completely obsessed with gold foil and typography – these prints have    both of those!
             I recommend this crib to everyone when I find out their expecting. It can be used as a bassinets and crib, is small and big enough at the same time, and has rollers which is very convenient when using it as a side-sleeper crib.
5.  Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby™ || Activity Center 
            This is a great product for the low price. Millie had a difficult time 'jumping' because the tension is very stiff. I like the jumparoo better.
6.  Freshly Picked || Leather Moccasins || Enter GIVEAWAY here! 
            The quality on these beauties is incredible – and look at that, metallic gold! Remember to enter the giveaway!!
7.  Ever / After || V-neck Onesies 
            Softest onesies that have ever existed – I'm convinced. Plus the V-neck cut is completely genius. Why has it taken this long? Love how skinny and long they are – perfect for Millie.
8.  Kickee Pants ||  Softest bamboo clothes & jammies ever!
            Also one of the softest bamboo products ever. I love little Millie in Kickee Pants. Sizes run very small.
9.  Sugar Lime Lane || Baby Leggings 
            These run smaller, long and skinny – which turned out well for Millie. Fun prints but they fade quickly.
10.  Solly Baby || Organic Wrap Carrier  || 10% off - ALIBRUG 
            This has saved me. Millie is starting to want to be held all of the time so it's nice to have this wrap conveniently in my diaper bag to just wrap on.
            While I am in class, Millie loves these bottles. I like how large the top is – I think it makes the mixing with bottle and nursing easier.
12.  Covered Goods || Nursing Cover / Infinity Scarf 
            I hated nursing outside of my house before I had this cover. It is very lightweight and breathable. It's the only one curious little Millie will stay under – very discrete and covers everything!
            Millie love the double sided teether. One side is softer so if she gets bored, the other side entertains her.
14.  Hug Me Sew || Bandana Bibs || 20% off – ALIB20OFF
            These bandana bibs are very cute and soft. They catch everything!
            Love this! Only 3 min and two racks of bottles are sterilized!
            This is so helpful when warming my milk for Millie while I am not with her. It is so quick!
17. Comfort & Harmony mombo™ || Nursing Pillows
            Loving this – using it right now actually. Millie loves cuddling into me on it when we watch movies or just play. It's helping her learn to sit up as well.
18.  Bare from BittyLab || Bare Air-free baby bottle || Giveaway Coming SOON!
            The idea is great behind this bottle. Millie had a hard time sucking – might be because she is tiny. We sniped a slightly bigger  hole in the top and use it for her to sip rice cereal.
19.  Slick Fox || Bandana Bibs 
            Very cute styles! The neck is pretty small. Millie is in the 5th percentile and won't fit them much longer. I love the fabric and the soft backing.
20.  Annie Bee || Custom Maternity Illustration 
            My Annie "hug" is the sweetest friend to make this custom maternity watercolor ! I love you!
21. Wren & James || Peter Pan Top & Pocket Leggings || 15% off – MILLIEANDALIS15
            Great soft fabric – also long and skinny fit. Very comfortable and stylish.
22.  A Little Winter Shop || Free Shipping – FAVORITETHINGS || Giveaway Coming SOON!
            These are great head-wraps! Soft fabric and very stretchy! Love my mommy-daughter matchy wrap!
23.  Boucle D'or Bow || 20% off – NEVERGROWUP 
            Head-wraps! I'm obsessed – so great while Millie's had minimal hair! I love mine especially when I'm having a bad bang day!
24.  JellaBee
            This shop has great bows and headbands – well made!
25.  Every Dot & Tiddle || 25% off – FAVORITETHINGS
            The quality of these bows in impeccable! I love how classic the styles are.
26.  Ryan & Wren || Giveaway Coming SOON!
            Love her packaging design! These bows & bands are sturdy and stretchy – very helpful.
27.  A Little Lady Shop || 15% off – FAVORITETHINGS
            I refer to Marie as "my bow lady" to my mom and sisters. She is very helpful and her bows are amazing quality!


Although many of these products were given to me to review – all thoughts and opinions that I expressed were my own. I hope that you find my findings beneficial. 

Thank you to my a sponsors! You have been such a joy to work with and Millie just has absolutely loved each and every one of your products!

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I love this round-up. Just found your blog via your sister. I just had a baby girl at the beginning of January so this is perfect timing. I love all the cute etsy shops you posted -- will definitely be shopping for those cute accessories.