Saturday, November 16, 2013

SmudgitBug on Etsy | GRAND OPENING

Yay! My shop on Etsy - SmudgitBug is now open!

Take 20% off shop-wide!

Many more items to come soon but in the mean time - check out the listings I have up so far & let me know if you would like a custom listing.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Little Lady

 My Little Lady just got the CUTEST bows from A Little Lady 

I am obsessed - Can't wait to put her other styles on.

Thank you so much for the adorable outfit Courtney!

Social Media Icons - Champagne / Gold Glitter

As I am getting my Etsy shop all up and running, I thought I'd show a sneak preview of some of some of the items I'll have up for instant digital download.

Social Media Icons are the perfect little fix to make your blog look more sophisticated.

I will also be putting up a listing to help you code/embed the icons you purchase to your blog 
- aka do it for you.

More Social Media Icon colors & styles will be up soon!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Millie's First Halloween

     Millie has always been a little birdie. Everyone that sees her starts to call her "Birdie" or "Little Bird" without even hearing us say it. It's because she almost always has her mouth open like a hungry baby bird and has skinny long little bird legs. So naturally - this nickname inspired her halloween costume that I made for her.

   This is how I made her wings. I found the angel wings and feathers on sale at the craft store, then just used a glue gun to arrange them on the wings. It worked out perfectly! 

Millie - Baby Bird || Me - Mama Bird || Jaycob - The Nest
Jaycob spent a lot of time making his nest... He is hilarious!
I had some fun with my eye make-up...
that's the fun part about halloween right?!