Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pumping Essentials || Lansinoh Product Review

For the first few months, Millie had a very difficult time breast feeding. She would just scream and scream but if I gave my milk to her in a bottle, she loved it. I have spent countless hours pumping and all that jazz. Even after things settled down and she started eating well, I continued to pump while working and taking classes.

Here are some of my favorite products that I found helped me make pumping a more positive experience:

  • Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric BPA FREE Breast Pump — Huge discount here!
    • This pump is so great — and I have tried a few. 
    • I appreciated that it automatically adjusts and changes the rhythm of the suction just as a baby would do. 
    • I like how small and easy this pump is to travel with, you can throw it in any bag (it even comes with an optional tote). 
    • There is also a timer on it so that you can keep track of everything and your pregnacy/new mommy brain doesn't forget when you started – so convenient.
  • Lansinoh - Simple Wishes D Lite Hands Free Breastpump Bra —
    • This pumping bra was so helpful when I needed to get things done while pumping, which was basically every time. I could use this and get ready while pumping – so handy. 
    • This particular pumping bra is especially nice because the flaps hold the pump on better than other brands that I have tried.
  • Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads
    • I've used these morning, noon, and night for over a year now (yes while pregnant too), and I love them! I never have to worry about leaking. 
    • They have the option to stick to your clothing (bra) so that they will stay put.
    • They are very soft and even have a softer type for the first few weeks of adjusting to breastfeeding: Lansinoh Ultra Soft Disposable Nursing Pads.
  • Lansinoh Soothies Gel PadsLansinoh HPA Lanolin
    • Trust me, these are a MUST. You will learn that if you haven't already – so relieving.

  • Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags
    • Loved the double seal on these, It helped me have a piece of mind that I wouldn't loose any of my "liquid gold" (and I never did).
    • The shape of the top seal helps so that you can pour into a bottle very easily – much appreciated.

Although this post was sponsored by Lansinoh, thoughts and opinions are truthful and entirely my own.

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