Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Millie is 9 months old

Time is flying buy... I hate it and I love it. I hate that my baby girl is getting bigger and is no longer my little baby, but I love seeing her curiosity grow and watching her learn new things. 

Millie's adorable outfit was provided by the talented Blue Daisy Wares.
Here's a little video update about Millie
I don't know why did didn't upload to be good quality. 
I shot it with my good camera and it must have decreased while uploading. Any pointers that I'm missing?
 Millie is teething pretty badly lately, see all that drool? 

 Seriously, she is so funny and fun! I can't wait to see how hilarious she is once she can speak.

I posted this animated gif of millie clapping on instagram yesterday, but then realized that the app I had used to make it had shuffled the order of the images. Here's the fixed version.
Everyday at the baseball games, whenever Millie notices the announcer say "Now batting..." she begins to clap. I didn't specifically teach her this – she must have just picked it up being a little baseball babe.

We love you so much Millie girl. We are so thankful that we have you in our lives and are so excited to continue to see you grow. Thanks for being my best little buddy!
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Rhianna Wells said...

Her curls are just the cutest! Lucky lady with that hair.

Ali Hill Brugman said...

Rhianna –

Thank you so much! I just use hairspray and a comb to get it like that :)