Friday, March 7, 2014

Techie Tip – Take One

       I was thinking that it might be fun to post a "techie tip" every week. My sisters and friends are always asking for technology help from me... the technolonerd. So why not have a fun little thing to learn about the products you use daily? What do you think? Is that something that you would like to see on here?

       Here's one to start that actually came up today on insta comments. I was telling my sister Natalie that she needed to use this app to take better selfies with her friends (since we all know that the iphone front camera isn't as good of quality right?).

       This new app called Cam Me – allows you to take a selfie by raising your hand then making a fist. This will eliminate that awkward huge arm in the side of a single or group photo. You won't have to squish to all get in the picture either. They also have a photo booth feature! Brilliant right?!

Click here to download it from the app store.

Cam Me is not sponsoring this post. I just wanted to give a tech tip :)

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KIKA said...

LOL this is so cool~!