Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nail Marbling Tutorial Video || Fourth of July

After following tons of nail art accounts on Instagram, I finally decided to try nail marbling — it is so neat!
It was much easier than I thought it would be! I made a quick video tutorial if you're interested. Sorry it's a pretty crappy video, I just did it on my first try. I can do a better tutorial in the future – wanted to get this one up before the 4th of July so that if you want to try these patriotic nails, you can!

Nail Marbling Instructions:

  1. Cover the skin by the nail with Scotch tape (so that cleanup after is much easier).
  2. Paint nail with a good white nail polish — this will help the colors show more vibrantly. If one coat isn't opaque enough, use a thin second coat.
  3. Get a glass (that can be thrown away) and fill with room temperature water. Might not work correctly if it isn't room temp.
  4. Drip one drop of your first color of nail polish in the center of the cup. Nicer nail polishes tend to work best.
  5. Alternate drips of different colors, each time in the center, until you have as many as you want.
  6. Using a wooden skewer stick, swish around the nail polish drips to a pattern that you like.
  7. Place finger in nail polish mixture (full nail flat facing downward) in the part of the pattern that you like the best.
  8. Hold and blow on the water nail polish mixture for a few seconds to help dry the surface more quickly.
  9. Using the wooden skewer again (nail still in bowl), TWIST it around while moving it through the water to pull the remaining polish mixture away from your nail. 
  10. Remove finger from bowl.
  11. Admire your awesome pattern!
  12. Remove tape from nail
  13. Using a brush dipped in nail polish remover, brush away excess polish on skin.
  14. Add clear top coat
  15. HOoRay!! You did it!! 

Nail Polish Used

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