Monday, May 5, 2014

Millie's First Easter || Current Favorite Toys from Melissa and Doug

April 20th 2014 | Easter Sunday


Many of these toys are provided by "Melissa and Doug." Millie gets so excited over these toys and I am loving the simple colors on the wooden toys.

Also included in Millie's basket are some incredible handmade bunny families that our dear friend Lyle hand sewed for Millie. They are all baseball themed – all the girls have baseball patterned dresses. One has Jaycob's name and number on an A's jersey and a detachable ball and mitt! They're so extraordinary! 

Rocking Elephant & Horses from Yaya & Papi! (My parents)

Millie snuggling with Mama and Papa (My grand-parents)

April 11th 2014

Millie and I went on a walk around the neighborhood where I grew up and I just had to take pictures of her with our neighbors stunning tree. This tree makes spring one of my favorite times of the year!

Millie's outfit is from Blue Daisy Wares shop on Etsy

March 29th 2014


My talented sister-in-law, Jayna, took these fun easter pictures of the Brugman grandkids while we were in Arizona for Spring Training. Jaycob's mom gave all of the kids matching easter clothes for the picture – so sweet!

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