Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cheap & Cheerful New Years Gifts | Liquid Gold Obsession

Incase you missed my Instagram a few weeks ago – Liquid Gold Gilding is my newest obsession! Here's where to get it:

So I decided to use it to make a New Years Gift for my mom, sisters, & some friends. I used painters tape on dollar store vases then went liquid gold crazy! I put empty little piece of paper inside and I made a little strip to go along with it that said:

"Here is a place to record all of the happy, fun, & exciting times through out the year –
 then read them on New Years Eve to remind you of the great year you have had!
Happy New Year 2014 – Love The Brugmans!"

It was cheap & cheerful – but will bring a new tradition that we look forward to starting!

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