Saturday, November 2, 2013

Millie's First Halloween

     Millie has always been a little birdie. Everyone that sees her starts to call her "Birdie" or "Little Bird" without even hearing us say it. It's because she almost always has her mouth open like a hungry baby bird and has skinny long little bird legs. So naturally - this nickname inspired her halloween costume that I made for her.

   This is how I made her wings. I found the angel wings and feathers on sale at the craft store, then just used a glue gun to arrange them on the wings. It worked out perfectly! 

Millie - Baby Bird || Me - Mama Bird || Jaycob - The Nest
Jaycob spent a lot of time making his nest... He is hilarious!
I had some fun with my eye make-up...
that's the fun part about halloween right?!

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Melanie said...

Very creative and imaginative, I add you to my Family blog listings. Darling photo's! -Melanie