Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who Calls Me Smudge

When i was little (age wise... even though im probably the same height) my mom called me smudge.. and so it stuck.


Katie said...

Welcome to the blogging world!!

Andrea said...

Yay! Now we need to convert your mom, because she has so much spare time....and
Nina when she gets back....or hey, she could blog on PDays!

Now, the question is, will you actually update your blog?! ;)

Hope you aren't getting to lonely with that emptying house of yours.

nicole hill said...

start blogging, sister.

Tom Westbang said...

Hi hello smudge,

nice to see your pics.

Best Regards from


Frankfurt Germany

Pat said...

I am excited that you and my granddaughter Maddie will get to be better friends. I was excited to hear that you both made Dance Company this year. I will be there watching both of you. The only other person I think I know is Holly.